I’m Isabella, the people say I’m strange and I just agree for them, because be different is more fun! I’m obsessed for David Bowie My Favorite band is Kings of Leon and Phoenix. I’m potterhead I love Classic Rock, and I have a many favorites bands and singers like BOWIE (yeah, I love talk about him),The Rolling Stones , Queen, The Police, Talking Heads, Pixie, Elvis Presley, The Smith, The Doors, Guns n Roses, The Velvet Underground and many others! Jessie J is my idol pop.I’m cinephile, Movies is just the best thing in the world, I love so many brilliant actor. I love Gary Oldman (my sexy man, he's my obsession, so brilliant ), Leonardo Dicaprio (my first crush), Vanessa Hudgens (My diva, my model, I love her so much, she’s so amazing girl), My favorite director is Stanley Kubrick. I love old Pokémon, Avatar: The Last Airbende and Adventure Time <3 GLAM ROCK IS THE POWER!

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50 years of pure rock&#8217;n&#8217;roll!!! OH YEAHHHHHH 😍❤❤👅#stones50

50 years of pure rock’n’roll!!! OH YEAHHHHHH 😍❤❤👅#stones50

Posted on Maio/6/2013
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